Torna(Base)-Raigad Trek.

” A Truely memorable and Thrilling trek of my life. It surely takes some guts to do this trek and it was a perfect way to end the season.

Three cheers for the team… ”

Trek Done by: Ravi,Tushar,Prashant and Amit…

Friday 9th December 2005:

5:45 AM Left for Swargate

6:30 AM Embarked the bus going to Ghisar from Swargate

9:15 AM Reached Kodapur and started trek toward destination. Torna was seen on our right side.

6:30 PM After walking for almost 9 hrs and loosing the way a couple of times we reached a village called “Mohri? which is at the border of Deccan Plateau and Konkan. On the way we came across villages like Padik Gay Vada, Ghevendi, Harpud and finally Mohri.

8:00 PM After settling down at one of the villagers place it was time for dinner and the menu was awesome:

1. Chapati (courtesy Ravi)

2. Alu Mutter (courtesy Tushar/ Amit)

3. Shepu chi Bhaaji (courtesy Ravi)

4. Rice (courtesy Tushar/ Amit)

5. Dal Dry (courtesy Tushar/ Amit)

9:30 PM Sleeping time, take some rest for the long day ahead.

Saturday 10th December 2005:

6:15 AM Time to wake up and get ready for the day. Tea was served by Tushar/Prashant with some amazing Sweet Buns and biscuits.

8:00 AM Alongwith one of the villagers to guide us through the treacherous and difficult paths we left for Raigad, our final destination. The guy who was leading us told us that we, THE ENTHUS, were the first people this year to do the Torna-Raigad trek.

1:45 PM We reached a village called Lingana Machi Vadi. This is a village about 1/2 down the Lingana Mountain. On our way to this village we faced lot of difficulties and some really dangerous roads. The path was Mohri – Bortyachi Naal – Patti – Lingana Mountain – Lingana Machi vadi.

2:30 PM Departure from Lingana vadi towards Raigad, after an awesome lunch of Maggi, courtesy Tushar/ Prashant.

7:00 PM We reached a village called Dhangar vadi which is 1/3rd of the way towards Raigad. We had to walk a lot of flat land in te process and the last 1 and ½ hour of the journey was full of excitement, because the road was new for us and we were not sure were we are heading. But as it is said “Luck favours the brave? we managed to reach dhangar vadi. Now it was time to take the night halt. We took rest at one of the villagers house. On the way to this village we came across villages like Pane Vadi – Vagheri Gaon – Dhangar Vadi.

9:00 PM It was time for dinnr and again this time it was Maggi for Dinner. An awesome Limbu Sarbat was prepared by Ravi and Amit which really gave us a lot of energy to go ahead. After dinner it was sleeping time.

Sunday 11th December 2005

7:45 AM time to pack up and move toward Raigad. The Enthus reached the base of Raigad at Raigad Vadi and then climbed to the top of Raigad and about 11:30 AM

12:30 PM After the amazing journey and some light snacks at MTDC we started on our journey to explore the Raigad fort, Shiv Samadhi, Bazaar Peth, Shivaji Maharaj Statue and some other places.

2:30 PM After finishing the explorating we descended Raigad by the Ropeway and caught the bus back to pune. We reached pune at 9:30 PM. And the amazing journey was over.


20 thoughts on “Torna(Base)-Raigad Trek.

  1. Hello Amya,
    Fantastic Job!!
    Although, I didn’t get time to go through every line of your comments, but still I read much of that 🙂
    Its really appreciable!! I was also surprised how and when did you get the time to do all these?? But well as there is saying, “If there is a Wish there is Way!!” you did that..
    Ok, now Best Of Luck for GOOD-GIRL HUNT!!
    I am sure you will find her soon!!
    Hope to see the updates once you get married, have kids and so on…………

    Regards & Best Wishes,

  2. hey ..
    i never thought ur website would b so exciting with so much of news.just took a chance to watch is worth..good keep it how do you manage time yaar?

    hope u maintain the same after priya getz into ur life:)
    Comment with respect to ur word

  3. COOL!!!

    Amazing.. too good.
    Just reading ur comments got me excited…. i have already started making my own plans!!!!

    Very Cool!!

    I need ur help… i need ur help in planning this thing…

    Please give me watever inputs you could throw in…

  4. hi
    nice trek,
    good information, will be useful….

    well, i have done trek from torna to raigad through MadheGhat.

    right now i m planning for only Lingana, if any guidelines from u they r welcome

  5. we are going to trek boratyachi nal lingana avchitgad. if u have any map or information ,can you mail me urgent? please.

  6. Hiiii
    this is really awesome trek…. but we can reach raigad base or pane within a day…
    we did it on 25 h dec,2008 and 26th dec 2008.

    our timings was
    6:30 to 9:40 Pune to Ghisar (By ST bus)
    9:55 to 11:35 Ghisar To Mohari(trek)
    12:10 to 4:10 Mohri to Lingana Machi(through BORATYACHI NAAL)
    4:30 to 5:35 Lingana Machi to Pane gaav….

    that is the end of day 1

    and then we reached raigad on second day 🙂

  7. Hi Amit/Anand..

    Very nice information.
    @Anand -: is it possible to do it in two days.
    cause i dont have time more than 2 days.

    Amit , Keep it up…..eager to read your next trek experience..

  8. hi,
    It’s a fabulous one to read your experience.
    Keep sharing your experience with us.
    please mention your contact information.

  9. we hv done this treck. its amazing… but be careful.
    it is not for begginers and not in rainy seasons. preparation is required coz villages are remotely located n u can hardly see people on sum ways.

  10. hey hi my name is raj jaiswal, i m engg student 3rd year amravati, looking for xcitement in lap of nature. and wants 2 make new frndz so plz conway me for trekking dates on my mail id.
    plz tell me the xact fee structure. asoon as possible

  11. hey hi my name is raj jaiswal, i m engg student 3rd year amravati, looking for xcitement in lap of nature. and wants 2 make new frndz so plz conway me for trekking dates on my mail id.
    plz tell me the xact fee structure. asoon as possible. dates preffered 25th may to 12th june

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