Many Lives, Many Masters

Just had the chance to read the book “Many Lives, Many Masters”. a Story of a psychiatrist(Dr. Brian Weiss) and his young paitent. Its all about the Past-Life Therapy.

Thought i personally do not use to believe in all these things, still this book have changed the way i use to think. Specially knowing that it is by an prominent psychiatrist.It was an amazing experience. I have decided to read more on this topic as it is really interesting.I want to know what life is all about.Dreams are the only thing that make me believe that there must be some unknown powers, which are beyond the understanding of a common human being……My jounery towards these things has just began…… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Many Lives, Many Masters

  1. Hi Amit,

    The topic “Many Lives, Many Masters” seems interesrting.. thanx for info on this book…coz even i am interested in reading such books!!

    And All the very best for ur Journey!!! 🙂


  2. It will be good idea to also read Patanjali Yogasutra at the start of such journey as it is a master treatise by a master of masters on this track..
    You can read a chapter in Swami Vivekananda’s Rajyoga book on it for a quick read in mothertongue

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