New Year

The new year has started. Its time to make some resolutions ;-)…some of these i already follow, but still will like to enchance them…..

Trekking and Reading are some of my hobbies which i want to continue in full swing this year….Last year couln’t get much time for treks….The treks of 2005 included.

1. Rajgad – Torna – 25th , 26th , & 27th of March.

2. Lohagad – July.

3. Torna – Raigad – 9th, 10th & 11th of December.

Books read in 2005.

1. “Shreemaan Yogi”

2. “Da Vinci Code”

3. “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

Not a big list actually…..but i am planning to read at least one book a month this year….and 1 trek in 3 months….so total – 12 books minimum and 4 treks minimum.

Apart from this will like to get married this year ;-)……so the search for my soul-mate is on…….Letz c what 2006 has in-stored for me…..HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


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