My Mantra – “Fight”

At any given point of time, there is something “happening” in our life. Let it be good things or bad things. Everyone likes good things, so lets not talk about it…

It all depends on how we take the bad ones. If we decide to get ourselves down due to the situation, then we will surely be down and then its only we who are responsible for what happened. But if we decide to accept it with a strong positive force, then we have no stopping… after all – “Its all in mind”.

The state of our mind decides our confidence. Our confidence decides our behaviour and Finally, our behaviour decides the consequence or the final result.
So always keep it +ve.I know that this wont be possible each and every time…cos we are humans and its very likely to get out of our limits sometime. In such case discuss the situation with someone…may be ur best friend, ur mentor…anyone….But make sure to get out of it….

Even after this u feel that the situation cannot be handled, then the last solution is “Time”. Only time can take you out of anything that is happening in ur life..But that doesn’t mean we should leave everything to “time”.

So always have the fighting spirit.We are into existence as humans itself means that we are intelligent 🙂 and we can handle anything.

Bottom Line:

“Though NOTHING seems RIGHT,



4 thoughts on “My Mantra – “Fight”

  1. HI Amit,

    Today since morning only i was feeling down..but as u rightly said “Its all in Mind” 🙂 feeling much better after reading ur “Mantra”.And,i decided to have a cheerful day..and now i am finding it possible to be in cheerful mood leaving away the worries..again to which i have no solution..

    One more thing which u rightly said is, when u do not find any solution, talk to ur best friend , mentor does help a lot..

    Thanks a lot once again as ur “Mantra” worked for me this time :)and i think will work every time.


  2. Hey Big B,
    After reading ur thoughts, I am feeling like, I will also get out of this with time. Yes, I need to fight…

    Thanks Dear 🙂

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