Nagaon Trip Jan 2006

The season started with a visit to my favourite place…the Nagaon Beach πŸ™‚ !… Now this is the 5th time that i have visited this beach…Its simply beautiful !..

13th Jan – Friday.

Left pune at around 7.30. We had two Santros. (Jay’s and Anil Sir’s).Reached Nagaon at around 12.00.we had done the booking at Shubham Cottage(Mr. Gurav). I was feeling very drowsy ;-)…so decided to sleep.These guys went to beach and had a nice time under the Moon-Light.

14th Jan – Saturday.

Had a nice breakfast (Kanda Pohe) and then went to the beach. Played a lot of cricket. Though lost 3 out of 4 matches :-(….The teams were :

Team 1:

Amit, Jay, Somesh & Prasad.

Team 2:

Sandesh, Manish, Prashant & Anil Sir.

After that at around 11.30 went in the sea….Sandesh taught us how to float. Myself, Prashant and Prasad cud do it in no time..Thanks Sandy !!…Then saw some beautiful girls on the beach…Unfortunately with their hubbies :-(….ha ha….neways…“ mana abhi hai khali haath…na honge sada yahi din raat…kabhi to banegi apni baat…are yaroon” πŸ™‚
Then came back to cottage and had some Amazing Lunch. Two types of fish(Bangda & Surmai), Prawns curry and “solkadi”. bbuuurrpppp……wow….

Then took some rest and went to the beach in evening…Did some splendid photography.

After that we decided to visit the “Birla-Mandir” which was located at around 12Kms from Nagaon.Then came back in night at around 9.00 and again had some gr8 food in dinner….

Its Good Nite Time :-)..
15th Jan – Sunday.

Had breakfast and moved to the beach. We were in no mood to play cricket but one group from mumbai was eager to play…and so we decided to have a match. In their alloted 6 overs, the scored 31 runs. Then Jay and Sandesh opened the innings and we reached the target in the 5th Over without losing any wicket :-). So it was a comfortable victory for us.

Then we came back to cottage at 11.30 .Packed our bags as it was time to move.Had Lunch at Aligbag (Patang Restaurant). and left from Alibag towards pune at 1.30. Reached pune at 4.45.

Another Nice Chill-Out time…

Members of the trip:

Prashant, Jayandra, Somesh, Sandesh, Anil Sir,Manish, Prasad & Amit:-)….


4 thoughts on “Nagaon Trip Jan 2006

  1. Dear Sir,

    I just find this forum via google while I was searching for a phone number of Shubham Cottage in Nagaon.
    I stayed there in December 2004 and now I lost the number.
    Can you please help me to find the owner’s phonenumber. His name is Ashok Gurav. You can send it on this email adress: I would be very grateful to you. Please don’t mind me, I am not good at english. My homelanguage is not English nor Hindi.
    Thank you for your help.


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