Bday Bash !

It all started from 19th Nite….as usual got calls at 12.00 from Harshad, Swati,Swapna …and was surprised to see a msg from tushar. Cos he generally calls me….also i was wondering where Prashant was, cos no wishes from his side too……and then came the missed call on my landline…..i picked up…but no response. And then all of sudden, the knocking on door started…and thus the 3 of the most Eligible Bachelor’s where there to wish me Ravs,Tush and Prashant…. :-)…

Thanks Guys!…it was a nice surprise.

Then in morning got calls from almost everyone.Then swati met me in the morning and gave my gift.(thanks swati).

Then i went to office. B4 i reached office the Bouquet from Enthus had already reached :-)…It was a beautiful one…

Then had some gr8 time reading mails…and wishes….then we all at QVIT went to lunch in at Blue-Nile….masta tandoori khalli :-).

Left at 5.30 from office and came home…My grandma,mama,mami and my cousin sisters had come to wish me…

After that i left to meet the enthus by 8.15pm. We all went to Oasis which is on NDA road.Had a fun time there…..

While doing tp we didn’t realise that the gals will get late as still the main course was to be ordered.So all the girls left early(actually it was too late:-)) ….Sorry gals. I apologise for the same…will give you a treat soon…:-)…

Then we guys had our dinner….came to tushar’s place at 11.45. Then yogesh K. was waiting for me at deccan. I met him and then we both went to my home….Jara gappa marlya ani zholpo….

Overall a fantastic day! :-)…I just hope that i would be celebrating my next bday with my wife……

– Amit


3 thoughts on “Bday Bash !

  1. Hope that ur would be, after seeing those beautiful gals around u, won’t mind;) or else u would end up getting a different kind of a bash the next time; dont ask me what that would be, for God Alone knows;)

    Anyways, that was a wonderful day out; Pray that You would get a Beautiful and Loving Wife.


  2. although i was physically not there with u , but whatever i saw with closed eyes the same thing was here in form of pics / words ……………………..

    in all…… gr8 event with gr8 friends n gr8est last wish
    /* i mean after it happens u don’t need any thing from anyone */


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