Confidence !

“Confidence” – ….we hear this word a lot of times in our daily conversation or reading.But what exactly one means by “confidence” ?.

I think its a state of mind where one feels more secured or comfortable or sure about any particular thing.As it is a state of our mind ,it reflects our behaviour.We usually hear  the terms “High Confidence” or “Low Confidence”.What happens when we have a high confidence? Its just that you think that the action you are about to take will not have a adverse effect and so you go for it…But in case of Low confidence , you think that if my action gets wrong, it will have some serious effect.

Actually seeing the effects depend on the way you think ( as one says – “you may think you can, you may think you cannot.In both the cases you are right”. So its we who actually decide what will happen.

See a simple example – If you are made to walk on wall which is at a height of say 5 feets. then you are confident that you will do it and thus ur confidence is high….But will you have the same confidence if the wall is on the top of a building ?..Definitely NO!.

Actually seeing, the width is same but still we fear that we may fall. This is where confidence comes into picture.

So it plays a major role in our life.
One can say that its the “confidence” that decides how we live our life.
Most of the times the level of our confidence depends on the situations that arise in ur day to day life….if a person always faces problems in his life his confidence is very low as opposed to someone who always tastes success for any thing he does..

So if you are a person who is always confident about things, then thats the Best thing….but if you are someone who is not, then you should try to build it up. Being surrouned by people(mostly ur friends) who trust in you definitely lifts ur confidence.Also reading some inspiring books will be help you a lot.


One thought on “Confidence !

  1. Good Write up….

    With the example of Height we can derive confidence as

    (Height * Risk) / Fear = Confidence;

    That means more the Fear Factor, less the Confidence;
    And Height and Risk goes together, more the height more is the Risk;

    So u know what to Kill Now….

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