Last day at QVIT

It was 17th Feb 2006, my last working day at QVIT.It is always sad to leave a Organisation where you have worked for almost 4 yrs. and if that Organisation is QVIT, then there is certainly something to be missed :-(…

Was really feeling sad since morning. Cos there were many things i was going to do for the last time in QVIT.
But then life moves on…and so i had to…:-)…

I will be missing
Sachin’s Marathi comments,
Prashant’s Expert comment on almost everything,
Somesh’s knowledge base,
Manish’s “aye shaane”,
Sujata madam’s “haamhi” (only QVITians will understand the word),
Benu’s “Ballya zhala”,
Ayub sir’s “Aye boat(finger)),
Jayandra’s Champi,
Abhi’s Laugh…….
and last but definitely not the least Prasad’s – “Chaalal Chaalal” :-)….

But though i am leaving…the bond will always be there…A bond which is for lifetime…

All the best to QVIT and all my colleauges !!

– Amit


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