Mrun – As you leave…

As you leave…we all are going to miss a sweet friend of ours.
As you leave…who will be there to support swati all the time ?  :-)….
As you leave…who will be there to debate with ravs on technical issues ?
As you leave…we will be missing your support in all the situations.
As you leave…u are creating a empty space in the group that can not be filled.
As you leave…u are leaving behind the sweet memories of all the beautiful and amazing moments we all shared with you.
Hey Mrun,
We wish that all your dreams come true.May your life be as beautiful as you are 🙂
With Luv
Enthus (To The Top!)


8 thoughts on “Mrun – As you leave…

  1. Sahi re amtya .. v true … mrun we alll gonna miss a near dear n a close understanding friend….
    ani ek rahila amit .. yogya konachay dokya varchi clip kadhnar .. kon bike chalavte mahnun mage lagnar .. kon mala tuski mahnun hak marnar … n lots more to follow….
    Miss u Mrun .. they say haske bida karo … lekin .. still kahi na kahi to dard hota hi hai .. 🙂
    wish u all the best in ur future life

  2. Hey Mrun, we gonna miss you loads. And like amya said we will never be able to fill the emptiness. May all the happiness be at your feet and may you have a very very beautiful and rocking life ahead.

  3. Hey Mrun…

    Will wait for all those Good Morning mails that you used to send when in iflex.

    Got acquainted with you for a very brief period but sure will miss u everytime we get together…

    I’ve know a very enthusiastic energetic and a helpful person in u… be the same always …

    Have a Blast in a new Country and with new People. (Dnt u dare forget your old frienz 😉 )

    Update all of us on all the fun you have with Mandar 🙂 .

    God Bless U Both (truly happy for u)

    – ENTHUS 🙂

  4. Hey Mrun,
    Thats true, as u have left, there is one person less to support me here now.. 😦 All the times when we laughed and cried together are coming back to my mind today…

    Nobody can ever fill ur place dear..u r so unique.. nobody can be so caring & loving as u are..

    Though i will miss u at every get together & at all the places where we have been together, but, still, till the time Bond of our friendship is intact boundries do not matter..ho na? U also cheer up.. and njoy each moment there.. Wish u all the very Best in Life.. May all ur Dreams come true.. and may God always keep Showering love on u…u are a girl of huge potentials & u have to do many things yet..may u get success in everything u do.

    Now its time for u to meet some new people and spread ur sweetness amongst just do that…

    Lots of Love,

  5. Hello Mrun,
    I know, all ENthus will be missing you very much!!
    But, what I would say is WELCOME TO ABROAD !!
    I am sure you will enjoy your life there too and come back to India with all the sweet memories of Aus :))
    So Good Luck & Have Fun!!

    With Lots Of Love.

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