Five point someone

"Five point someone" is a amazing book by Chetan Baghat, which hangs around a group of three people – Hari, Alok and Ryan. Its all about the mess these guys create throughout their college yrs.(they are IITians).The bunking of lectures, stealing papers, love affair of Hari etc…They finally pass out with a GPA of 5.X …so the name five point someone…..It was fun to read this book.

 I recalled my college days and all the type of “kide” we guys use to do….in school and junior college(with deepya/ravya/abhya/preetya/bams(yogya)/khangya/nagya ) and then in BCS (with yogzi/harshad/mothi Swati/sheetal/choti Swati/mrun/indi), in SEED (with tush/upya/venkat/swati/yuvati/shilpeee/shailesh sir) and these days with all these people along with Pashya darling 😉 and Devil (oh devil…so sorry to miss u out )

This truly is a book version of DCH…..Kabhi na beetein…chamkile din…


5 thoughts on “Five point someone

  1. sahi… remembering all the BCS days… early morning MD classes..laxmi road sunil sir classes…Lab.. Road rash games..:-)… dynamic plans for Sinhagad..CC… DTPH triangle…hehehe.. it was fun.. and want to roll back life at least for some time…:-)

  2. Hi Amit,

    I am done with the book. Damn interesting stuff. The mood of the story takes me back into my past; making every bit engrossing.

    Being a five point sm1 on a grade is never too difficult. However; the trio never find it too easy either. For an IITian whose world revolves around and is driven by high expectations (peer, parents, neighbours and nation) than high standards, the three find themselves in trouble frequently. Almost everything is done out of sheer pressure.. stealing examination paper or the suicide attempt in the end or the fear of joblessness which is real for a change. Insecurities aside; the mega -thrill of devotion to research makes the protagonists vision stand out.

    These ground level confessions lay the landscape almost bare. The way Hari, Ryan and Alok’s world has been explored is commendable.

    Really worth reading… Damn interesting stuff…
    I hv gt the book with me. Will return it by the end of the day. Thanx a lot.


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