A 100 rupee note…

Sometimes in our life, we come across some incidents which recall our old memories. It gives a nice feeling

I was in 10th standard and had went to saswad in the month of Jan. That time dad use to come to pune on weekends only. It was my birthday in that week, and i wanted to give treat to my friends( a treat means 2 samosas per person šŸ™‚ ).I asked dad to give me money for the same. I was expecting Rs. 40-50. Cos that would have been more than enough for me to give the treat as well as keep 10-15 bucks for me. To my surprise, dad gave my a 100 Rupee note.I was so happy and excited and thrilled….:) Now i can treat my frnds and also keep a good 50-60 bucks in my wallet….wow that was a great feeling for me….

Last month in my company i had worked on weekends and here we get the lunch allowance per day for any extra day worked. So i recieved a envelope from the office boy. It contained a 100 rupee note (as my allowance). :)). When i opened the envelope and saw the note, i recalled the above incident of my 10th std :))……so i just went back to the memory lane…


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