Guru Poornima

Guru: –
A person who shows you path in life.
A person who explores you.
A person who makes you aware of your capabilities.

For me its only one name – Sunil Dhadwe.

It was in year 1996 (FYBCS), that i was introduced to Sunil Sir by one of my fnd’s frnd named Amol. I was not interested in joining his classes initially, but when i met him , Sunil Sir told me that i can attend 2-3 lectures and i then decide if i want to continue…and i need not mention here what happened next…:))))

He is a truely amazing personality, with such a great way of teaching.We use to have the lectures in a small room in a “wada” in navi peth.I was not aware that life is going to take me on a right track thru’ him.

I had secured only 56% in 12th exam. Something which is the most disappointing thing in my academic life.But God had some other plans for me…..After joining Sunil Sir’s classes, slowly i started to know that i was good in programming…he use to give us lot many programs to be written in pascal/c…and we use to do it…It was first time in my life that i was “liking” my study…the reason was Sunil Sir.He built the confidence in us that yes we can do good stuff in programming….he use to boost us…..the result was i secured 90/100 in pascal theory paper.And it was very soon that i realised that i can complete my studies in BCS with good performance..(leaving behind my 12th performance).and hopefully do my MCS.

This was only the academic part….Apart from this we use to handle the labs for our juniors. and we use to handle the classes in his absence….Something which was a great experience for us…we faced a lot of difficulties here….But this Man was always there to support us and make us understand how to fight in life.

It was Sunil Sir’s classes where i encountered the MOST BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY people in my life who are my life time friends….
– Yogesh , Harshad, Yogesh K, Sheetal, Swati, Rashmi
and my juniors :
Mrun, Swati, Indi,Kaumudi,Arti, Vishal,Hrushikesh…
(sorry if i am missing someone 🙂

Most of you know that i always say “Fight”…which is my mantra…..This is something i learned from him.

On this day i take the opportunity to thank him for shaping me as a person. Making me capable of what i am today….

Thank You Sir !! 🙂

Your’s Sincerely – Amit


18 thoughts on “Guru Poornima

  1. Very well said !!!… Thanks a ton to Sunil Sir !!! Its only bcoz of his gr8 way of teaching that we stand head straight in this competitive world..:)… Well I also take opportunity to thank Amit Sir,Yogesh Sir and Harshad Sir for helping us(the juniors)… The days spent in lab were real fun… hoping to learn many more things to come !!!…Best Regards…Indi

  2. Hi Amit, there are lots of things that are common in our life, including academics

    But the most important thing that we both are having is the guidance of Sunil sir & I am thankful to god for giving me Guru like Sunil sir.

    And yes, you missed me in the juniors list

  3. It is nice to read your words and be reminded of Gurupoornima and it’s deep significance . I feel proud of you all and our heritage to remember Guru .
    India is sure going to be a leader as I can see now form here in Japan , FIGHT & ENJOY

  4. sahi re…
    ani mazhya kadun aplya la pun guru pornima chya hardik sobhichha….te ka mahnoty te kalach asel ..

  5. Yes amit, it is a perfect reflection of what we have learned from Sunil sir and ofcourse you all seniors. Sir has been the guide, who have moulded everyone’s life and given a direction to it, which makes us stand tall wherever we go…

    Those were the most beautiful days and the most cherished ones !!

    Thank you Sunil sir !!
    and thanks amit for giving an opportunity to express the respect for sir 🙂

  6. Yes very true .. Everyone has a teacher in life which just teaches lot many more things unknowingly which you realize it in later stage of your life…
    Thanks and Salute to my teachers beacuse of whom I am here and also thanks to Amit .. one of my teacher of this successful life …

  7. Truly gr8 blog Amit. Sunil sir is really amazing. His way of teaching, the examples he gives are too good. It was real fun then and the importance we realize when we are at work now. Those teachings help a lot.
    Thanks a lot Sunil Sir for everything and Guru Pornima chya Hardik Sobhicha.

  8. hey thts all true..very well written amit..
    for me Sunil sir has always been a source of inspiration…
    i admire him..
    Dear Sir,
    Wishin u loads of luc..

  9. hi amit first of all thanx to giv us an opportunity to express our feelings abt SUNIL sir
    SUNIL sir is a real GURU for me
    watever i m doin in BCS-MCS it’s all bcos of Sunil sir
    he is d person who gave me first confidence dat i can do programmin
    his mantra to score distinction in BCS really worked for me n i mnagaed to get good marks
    Sunil siransathi kitihi lihile tari kamich ahe
    Dear Sir
    U R my true inspiration thanx for bein there for us

  10. Very Good!You said very well.I also attend his lectures(C programming) but not more than 20-25.& I understand i have knwoledge of ” C ” from his lecture & he give me confidance.

  11. Hello,
    I didn’t join his class for FY B.C.S, but i learnt PASCAL from his notes. His notes were so beautifull that i use to feel somebody is explaining me all these terms when i used to read them. From that day I was eagerly waiting to meet this man. I use to hear from lot of my friend that he teaches very nicely and creates intrest in the subject he teches.
    Then i joined his class in SY B.C.S and was really feeling very happy to attend his first lecture 🙂

    It is since that day that i have fallen in love with his teaching style, the way he builds intrest in the subject. It is because of him that our basics are very clear and we stand in todays compitetion.

    Thank you sir for everything

    Sincerly your’s
    Yogesh Palkar

  12. Amit , namskar ..
    tumache lekhan khup sunder aahe mala aavadale. tumachya janiva pragalbha aahet ,asech sunder lihit raha
    tumahala khup khup shubheccha….

  13. dhawde is number one chor ..punyacha bhamta
    i wish i got it to the notice of cops since 1998 that he never issues receipts for the classes

    ek number chor a ha dhadwe yala ata pareth jail madhe asayla paije hota

    ek divas nakkich asel… fraud

  14. tya dhadwe chya kontya webpage war tyala shivigaal karta yeal te shodtoy me ..
    guru navachya shabdavar kaal daag a ha chor

    yacha pasun savadh raha ani lokana hi samjava ki ha brutha aha

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