We always hear the term –“performance appraisal” or “self-appraisal” at least once a year…or may be twice a year.One always relates this term to something that follows…i.e. the Increment or salary hike. JSo, the appraisal is very important from any employee’s view point.

First he has to do a self-appraisal and then he will have a discussion on his ratings and those given to him by his immediate boss. And then depending on his overall ratings, he will fall into some bracket and get the hike in his salary according to the parameter (percentage) allocated to that particular bracket. And yes…Now he is HAPPY J….at least till the next few days….Why I am saying few days because one is never (most of the times)  satisfied with his/her salary.  All this is fine…I mean this is something that we do in order to complete the appraisal process,get a decent hike etc…..But let me ask you one thing – how many times do you sit alone and do a Self appraisal. (Not the one that is done in your company)….something on your own….Your private Self-Appraisal or a Self-Review what I will call it.

How many times do we really think of the following things?

  1. Am I satisfied with the way things are going in my life?
  2. What are the things I still have to achieve?
  3. What is my next Goal?
  4. What preparation should I do to achieve this Goal?
  5. Do I have a clear and precise plan for it?
  6. Do I have an idea about what will be long term plans…say 5 yrs down the line…or may be 10…
  7. Am I stuck into this current work that I don’t get time to think of what I need to achieve in life next?
  8. Am I giving time to my family, my friends? or is it that I have much more work to do…so I cant give time for them
  9. What do I want from life? From me?
  10. Overall, am I living a good life? (in your career, your personal life, your social life)

These are few questions that come to my mind.It is very important that we answer these (and may be some more) questions as part of our Self-Appraisal. A company conducts an appraisal, to see your performance in the work…But you should conduct an appraisal/review to see your performance in work, in your life, your career plans, your goals/targets etc…

It will definitely give you an Idea about where do you stand right now…and where do you have to go… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Self-Appraisal/Review

  1. Hi,
    Got to read something not related to our daily lives n yet related quite close to it.
    The questionnaire is quite comprehensive.
    Even I have amused many times that where am I going and are things in place now?….. etc…etc… The questionnaire of this sort is quite useful from that point of view.
    Many times people just keep on goin with the flow and in the end, they recognise that they are nowhere. People forget wht they want from life and whts the true essence of life? Are they really happy or pretending to be happy?
    I feel one should try to answer this questionnaire once in a week or at least once in a month. It’s a great tool for introspection.
    Thanks Amit once again for sharing such a wonderful thought!!

  2. Amit,
    I totally agree with this. We need to do this. Though i don’t follow a proper process, a kind of similar review i do! It is useful.
    Thanks for the hints. Good that it covers all the corners of life.
    But one thing can I say u r versatile? Coz some times u speak philosophy, sometimes naughty ..etc.(This etc means a lot 🙂 ).


  3. Hi Amit,
    I fully agree with this…This is a wonderful way of doing the self appraisal, because here, we can’t fool our self and we also come to know that where we stand right now. Otherwise what we do often, in front of people we try to act very differently, in other words we are leaving with a dual personality and also try to convince people that we very happy with our life, we have achieved our goals…and many more things…

    But frankly speaking when we self appraise we come to know the realty …

    Thanks Amit for sharing ur nice thoughts…


  4. Yes this is what “Self Appraisal ” is and many people only do thing aprraisal then i ve to do something which my manager can appreciate me and give me salary hike / Increment. Due to this he/she ignores self development and tries to dominate the other Colleagues. This always leads an unprofessional rivalry, ultimately main moto of “Self appraisal” remains as is !
    and as Sujata already said if we ask the answer to a.m. question then only an individual will come to know that where he/she Stands!

    thanks & regards

  5. Dear Amit,

    Really u have got the fact of life infront of us. We tend to neglect so many things in life thinking that they are not important and later realise that we actually missed out something very important. We don’t think on these questions u mentioned, just go to office and work as a machine and lands up living a mechanical life.
    For me the best part of this page is “Living life to the fullest” . Sad to say which most of the people neglect and become machines.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Dear Amit,

    Ur webpage actually refreshed my college memories. Believe me it is so good to see that u are still in touch with ur friends for past 9 years. Even I met my friends after 4 years as most of them are out of Pune so this time we had decided to meet the place where we used to sit and chat and enjoyed the 5 yrs of college. I trully believe that Friends are the most precious GIFT which God gives us. Keep it up. May I see all these comments coming years too.
    All the best.


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