Time to move on …

036whereiamgoing.jpgGuys and Gals….

It is time to move now…

But ya…i am certainly going to miss the fun we all use to have here…


Maky’s : “aye shashi” & “aye micheal”

Priti’s: “khabardar hya mulinnna kahi bolalat tar…”

Prashant’s: expert comments.

Vishal’s: “kay rao mama”

Ranjit’s: “hya yedya mama…”

Amol’s: “kay borkar patil”

Sujata’s: “are…sahi…”

Pallavi’s: “chuppa bass”

Manju’s : all elephant jokes…specially “plastic cha hatti” :))

Madhu’s: “are neehi…”

Sri’s: “…u are so naughty”…

I am glad that we all met and are now good friends….God bless you all !!

Cheers for our friendship. :)))

img_0181.JPG  img_0202.JPG


5 thoughts on “Time to move on …

  1. Hey yedya Mama hey…chal-la hoy rao tumhi.. 😦

    Bytheway we will be in touch forever..no doubt 🙂
    and i’ll be there to take adivce from you whenever i need help.

    we will be missing u a lot !!

    – Ranjit

  2. Hey Amit,
    That was a great parting note. No doubts u stamped a strong mark in all our hearts huh!
    U r so gentle though naughty huh!. Thanks a lot for sharing a great friendship with me! I too miss ur all naughty messages;)
    Next time may b after an year if u come to kearala u ll have a friend over ther for sure..that ‘d be me..

    With lots of prayers n cheers,

  3. Hi Amit,

    First of all …All The Best For Ur Future & A very Happy married Life !!
    U r leaving from the company not from our friendship & heart…we will always be friends. I will never forget ur friendly jokes & the time we spent with our friends 🙂

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