Lucky Seven :)

Hello Friends,

Today is 23rd august. This day in year 2000,we all met for the first time in SEED. That day and today… years have passed…and in these seven years…..i have been blessed by the lovely friendship of 6 people……the pioneers of the Enthu group .

It seems as if it just happened last year, that we all met…did the training in SEED together….upen bhai  coping up with a injury at that time ….tushky..use to come late…after a nice sleep…….swati, she was the only face that I knew already….Venkat…the perfectionist….documentation DON… :-) Believe me Venkat, now I certainly realize why documentation is so important …. Yuvati and Shilpa ,  the gals with whom I talked for the first time in the corridor of the institute…

The studies we did at tushar’s place…the time we spent at shilpa and swati’s flat…the parties…the treks….those memories are really wonderful…..

Now, in US, upen and swati inB’lore…or is it Bangaluru ?? ….and rest in pune

Its good to see that we still share the same bonding…..

Finally, thank you all for being a part of my life….your friendship is one of the most valuable things I have in life…. God Bless you all.


One thought on “Lucky Seven :)

  1. Hello Amit

    Do u know where to stay in Raigad & also tell me are you the same person who comes to our office here in Thane

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