Organize It !!

Many a times we are not organized enough to follow a discipline about the tasks in hand, let it be official or personal. So thought of putting up few easy steps to become a little organized, if not perfect J

Official Tasks Handling:

        Break down the main task of your day into small subtasks.

·      Plan for around 1-5 subtasks on day

       Allocate/Estimate time for each task

      Set the order/priority of the tasks

      If possible list down how you are going to use the 8 hours in the office (do not consider lunch time, tea breaks, chat breaks into this)

      Check out your tasks list at lunch and see what progress you are making, if needed you may shift the order as per the need.

      Mark a task as complete as soon as it is done. It always gives a feeling of satisfaction J

      At the end of the day, again have a look at your task list

       Ideally you should have completed your tasks for the day, if not then carry forward those subtasks to the next day.

       Remember that when you plan any number of subtasks for the day, it should be achievable. Don’t be too positive and think that you might    handle everything. Be Realistic.

       Head for home in a happy mood and feeling good about your achievements for the day.

 Personal Tasks Handling:

       Create a list of to-dos for the day (like calling a friend, sending an email to someone, shopping in evening etc…).

       For this you can use a small diary and pen

       Assign specific time in the day for these tasks.

       If needed put reminder in your Outlook, Cell phones for this.

       Remember that you don’t spend too much time on this personal tasks in the office working hours (if it needs > 10mins, defer it to the  non-office hours)

       Mark a task as complete as soon as it is done.

       One rule, never give a highest priority to a personal task during official hours unless it is really that important.



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