Dada – The Fighter

Once he was the captain of the team, he was known to be a fighter, he always backed the youngsters, he showed to flintoff that we also have guts to remove our shirts and celebrate….
But then, life has other paths too…he was out of form, he was humiliated and removed from the team…to a extent that everyone thought his career has come to an end….

Who would have imagined that this man will make such a comeback, Even myself ( a gr8 fan of dada) thought once that Dada’s career has ended. Infact everyone thought it except he himself. He knew that he had much cricket left in him.
I still remember the ad where he mentioned “apne dada ko bhule to nahin”….It was such a emotional ad,that i felt this is what one gets after lifting the team to a new high (specially after the match-fixing scandal)

Your fans will never forget you Dada, But most importantly your Critics will also not forget you now, since you have given them a mouth-shutting answer.

It was a real comeback this year for Dada , and its not only motivating for cricketers, it in general applies to any person who is facing a downfall in life.

Dada teaches you how to overcomes the odds in your path with Determination.
He is a real Fighter….

Mr. Sambit Bal mentions on cricinfo
“There are many, me included, who believed Ganguly’s time as an international cricketer was over. Now We owe him an apology and a salute.”


2 thoughts on “Dada – The Fighter

  1. Yes, Even i was one of the “Many” but not now…:)
    Ganguly made great come back
    also shows his Positive/Assertive thinking which is Very Necessary to make a great come back
    Every one shd take lesson/inspiration from him …

  2. Mama… Great! Such a nice Article!

    Yes… Dada dedicated his double ton to his CRITICS… His exit from the Captaincy and Team was literally not good.
    Finally he has shown good example to every individual that how one can change his personality.

    Everyone knows how aggressive he was on/off the field but now days he is quiet and totally concentrating on his game. I think he might be thinking to regain the captaincy too 🙂

    Salute to most successful Captain of India 🙂

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