Breaking News !


Back after a long gap :))…Was out of town over the weekend and took a off to office since was not feeling well :))

But i definitely couldn’t resist myself today after what i experienced on the Television.

For the whole day whenever i switched ON my TV, i was seeing the breaking news about “harbhajan & sreesanth”…and that would have been ok with me, except for when i read a small line during this breaking news that “ISRO sets world record with 10 launches”.

Wow! what an achievement by the ISRO, hats off!!…

But i was utterly disappointed when i saw that this news of ISRO was not been given a grade of “Breaking New”…instead it was the drama of the IPL (slapping of sreesanth by harbhajan – two most arrogant and useless fellows of Indian cricket)…

The Indian media must be able to put the achievements by the country in proper way…but i guess the (pathetic) media is only interested in cricket contraversies , cheerleader issues….which is all secondary.

Please note here that i am not again cricket, i am myself a huge fan of cricket.

The media , which is supposed to play its important role in the development of the country, is not even aware of  what a “breaking news” is…

shame on all the channels (except DD news to some extent)


3 thoughts on “Breaking News !

  1. Great man…it is what exactly i also think about our Indian media.These so called mediawala’s are so irritating.These “literate illiterate” cannot make difference b’wen news & breaking news calls them self as mirror of Indian Democracy.

  2. You have a point Amit, its really infuriating.

    I remember, APJ Kalam said in his speech “There are millions of achievements but our media is only obsessed in the bad news, failures and disasters.”

    Its high time our media realizes the REAL news. But at the same time I hope there are a few more readers who get to the actual “breaking news” instead of reading the one that media offers to you.

  3. Its really very true that media is neglecting such a great achievement by ISRO and make more of those kind and not making it as a “Breaking News”.
    But I do not blame the media, they are just moving on with the current flow and the creator of flow is no other than we common people who will applaude the century from Sachin but will just tend to neglect more uncommon achievement by any other Indian or Indian organization.
    Just ask yourself how many of us knows what is ISRO abbrevation for and how many knows what IPL is ? You will get the answer.
    If news channels start showing news which is not that famous, how many would watch that news channel. You can get the answer by asking how many of us watch DD-news. If people don’t watch the channel, no advertisement that means no finance to run the channel.
    So please accept this considering this as there business … money drives everything and thats what media is driven by.
    why so much money in IPL .. people will see this as a great success which will make a mark of India in World Sports .. but where this money is coming from .. we would realize this when Kingfisher Beer raises there prize by 5Rs per beer 🙂 …

    So don’t think its a shame, news channel not covering right thing .. I would say media is the most intelligent (and not at all illeterate) and covering the things popular in common Indian … and working for interest of peoples ..

    And this is same all over the world … nothing different in US too .. will make behaviour of Britney Spears in public as a breaking news rather than showing something more genuine news 🙂

    Thats the trend and smart thing is to always sail in direction of flow if you need to sustain :)))

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