We won – But we lost Dada…


We Won…but we lost Dada…

This was the subject of the email send by perci immediately after India defeated Aussies yesterday by a convincing 2-0 margin in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2008. It was so very true.

Fortunately i was able to watch the last few moments of the match live…I was in joy the moment we took the last wicket, and then i suddenly realized…oh wait…that means we will never see Dada again on the ground 😦 So basically i had mixed feeling about that moment. Was happy about the match and also sad at the same moment since Dada was to leave.

Dhoni handed over the captaincy to Dada for the last few overs was a great thing for me. Dhoni really is a man with a firm head on his shoulders. and i know even Dada would wish that Dhoni will break his record as the most successful captain of India.

Many times we dont realize the value of the senior players until they leave. At this moment at least i think there is a big vaccum created after Jumbo and Dada quit. It is up to the youngsters to fill up this gap now.

Dada , We just want to say Thanks to you for all the glories you gave to the Indian Cricket. Thanks for building the “Team India”. Thanks for creating the spirit that “Yes!! we can beat any team in the world”

We are going to miss you a lot ! We are going to miss the smooth drives through OFF-Side ! We are going to miss the massive SIXES coming down the track ! We are going to miss the Aggression!

But i guess its time for you to spend your time with your family.

All the best for your future.

We will always remember you as “Dada – The Fighter”.



7 thoughts on “We won – But we lost Dada…

  1. Nice Article Mama… Surely we gonna miss his OFF-Sideshots and Massive sixes on LEG/ON side.
    now i think IPL is the only chance to see his shots 🙂

  2. Yes!!! we can beat any team and anywhere in the world. Yes we will miss his fluency aggression passion winning attitude on the field.
    He is not a just cricket player for me .. but one of the role model in my life … he is an inspiration for me (check out my orkut pics .. he is there since longggggggg time) … already had scrapped a article on him . will make it public soon 🙂

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