Go Slow To Go Fast …

This is a punch line that “Kelkar Sir” use to use number of times while teaching me assembly language programming.

And he was quite right….

We as humans want to achieve many things in life, and the important part is that we want to achieve it “fast”.
and then we see what we can do to achieve the results “fast” . If someone wants to lose weight (say 5kgs) , so he will not be able to do it in short time (by doing any crash diet)…since he has gained the weight with time…so the process of losing weight should also be gradual….else one is going against the law of nature…

Why this is necessary for us to understand is because then our approach towards acheiveing any goal becomes perfect. If one has to build wealth, then he can not do it overnight, he has to start by saving from this point onwards…However small the amount may be, one should remember that it will take time to save, but eventually he will achieve the goal….

Now why i am talking about this : Since its new year time and all are set with the new year resolutions.
So to achieve your resolutions, remember..- “go slow to go fast”….

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !!!


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