Life as a Flow Chart

I remember when I was in e-Zest, while having lunch on the terrace of the company, myself, Vishal and Ranjit were discussing about life. They took a stand that God has everything already scripted for us. So no matter what we do, what actually willhappen is planned for us by God.

I took a slightly different stand. I agreed with them that God has already plans for us, however I added something to it. Here is goes

“God has already scripted a path for our life, however it is not a single route. Basically God must be creating a flow chart (aha…the s/w engineer speaks..). At every point of time we are at the condition of the flow chart, and our decision will decide whether we move ahead on left side or right side of the flow chart.”

So that is what God wants us to make….Decisions!

He has given us intelligence to do so, and so He expects us to make those (wise) decisions. Other than anything else, I think these decisions are what create our life. So we must be very careful while making them.

And mind you everything that you get in life (or lose in life) is based on such decisions.

Of course as we all make the wrong decisions too, however we should be learning from them.

Hence the Million Dollar Question: How to make (correct) decisions?

Well….there is no standard answer for this.

Sometime soon I will try to address this in my post.

Till then….Enjoy Life: for we don’t know when we will get the next


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