Minimalism – A Lifestyle…

Almost two years back I came across Leo’s site ZenHabits.

This man does a wonderful job when it come to explaining things in a simplified way. It reflects in each of his posts. He always talked about “Minimalism”. At that time I wasn’t aware of the concept. However after googling (and wiki-ing), I understood that Minimalism is a life style.

I was very curious to learn about it and I was sure that I wasn’t following it. Leo’s site helped me a lot the learn more about minimalism.

For me the basic of Minimalism means – “Focus on important things in life…and get rid of the rest”. I think minimalism has a close association with being “clutter-free”.

For example: I donated almost 60 books to my local library (now these books are not sitting in my shelf gathering dust).Why? Because I have already read them, and there is a very less chance that I will re-read them. And even in that case I can visit the library and get hold of the books. (Note: Right now there are only 8-10 books on my shelf which are more of a reference books. Wow…no wonder my shelf looks so clean and neat).

Minimalism is mainly about “having less”, so you have to worry “about less”.

Minimalism can be applied to any area of life

1) Home

2) Office

3) Fitness

4) Finance

5) Travel

6) Food

and more…

Slowly and surely I was able to bring minimalism into my life (I wonder how it comes naturally to some people like my wife).


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