Purpose of Life

“Purpose of Life is Life of Purpose”

Sounds easy…isn’t it ?

But are we clear in what is the exact purpose of our lives…If you are, thats good. However I am not  (at least not as of now)

While conducting a lecture for second year computer science students, I was explaining them about the assembly language and one student asked me “what is the purpose of assembly language ?”. Before I gave him the answer, I asked a question “Can you tell me, who is in the best position to let you know why assembly language was created?”.

I asked the whole class that they are many things we use in our daily life (like cell phone,pen,diary,wrist watch etc..). Then who can tell us what is the exact purpose of these things. Of couse anyone will tell you. But the best person to tell this is the “Creator” of these tools (or things).

So coming back, who is in the best position to tell us what is our purpose in life ?

…..Of course, it is the Almighty God Himself.

and then comes the big question. “How do I seek Him and know my purpose of life?”

I think the answer for now is to start the journey on the spiritual path…and one day I will understand – “the purpose of my life”


2 thoughts on “Purpose of Life

  1. Very interesting thoughts. I wrote a blog on this idea today and searched for ideas on this topic of purposeful living. Your blog post is insightful. This is a topic I can talk about forever.

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