Mind Map – A Useful Tool

Mind Map is a tool that helps us to write (or rather draw) things in the way we “Think” about them.

Mind Map is a diagram that we draw on a piece of paper with some colorful pencils (to make it attractive, since colors create more effect on brain)

The key part here to understand is that our mind thinks in a “radiant “way. And it becomes difficult for us to remember things in this way. Mind map comes to the rescue here.

Mind map is drawn starting with a central image (the core) and then it evolves around this central image.

There are many sites/books where you can start learning how to go about these mind maps. I read “The Mind Map Book” by inventor of modern mind mapping (Tony Buzan). After reading and understanding the Mind Maps try to use it for your daily activities.

It’s fun at first and then slowly you will start realizing the benefits of this wonderful tool.

Mind Mapping can be used for

1)      Brain-Storming sessions

2)      Notes Taking

3)      Problem Solving

4)      Decision Making

5)      Study

6)      Planning

I am using “Xmind” which is a free software that allows to create mind maps.

Here is an example from my friend Somesh, who seems to have made it as an integral part of his daily thinking.


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