Success Vs Failure – A New Perspective

Everything has to come under one of these two. Isn’t it?

Consider everything we do in life. We always measure it in terms of Success or Failure

I don’t think I need to say anything about the word “Success”. (They say nothing succeeds like success)

However I have a point to say about “Failure”. I don’t think this word justifies the efforts we would have put in into something that we wanted to achieve. In fact hearing this word gives a feeling of defeat.

So why not have a new approach for looking at such things?

Here is what I consider to be the actual states

1)      Success (with positive result)

2)      Success (with negative result)

3)      Failure

This basically means that it is important to know that you have given your 100% to achieve something. Now just because you could not achieve it doesn’t mean it is a “failure”. Failure is when you don’t even try. Failure is when there is no attempt from your side to succeed. Whereas even not getting the desired goal could be a success. Why? because you made a great attempt at it. You were completely honest to your efforts.

So bottom line is, in life never consider something as “failure” if you have tried and given your 100%. It is definitely a “Success” however with a negative result.

Now you would say what difference it will make (to say “success with negative result” vs. “failure”, since the result is same.) The difference is that “failure” keyword will give a feel of defeat whereas “success with negative result” will keep you moving on…to try till you achieve “success with positive result”


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