Its All About Loving Your Parents

Recently I received an email from one of my friend. This friend’s friend had lost his father in that week and also his mother had expired 3 yrs back. This guy was naturally very sad. What he said to my friend was “always take care of your parents…I am feeling very upset..Take care of them when they are with you…else you will have to repent once you lose them”

This lead me to a simple question – Are we taking care of our parents?

Now what do you mean by “taking care”? Some might say, yes I do take care of them. I provide all things that they need. I provide them all the luxury they never had. But does this really mean taking care? I think NO.

This is one part of it. Do we really (I mean REALLY) realize what our parents need? Have we ever asked them? At least in this part of world (India), there is a very less chance that we will ask our parents such a question and they will answer – “All we need is that you spend time with us”. We might never ask this, or even if we ask our parents may not say it, however we need to understand that, that’s what they want –Our time.

They don’t need material things. They need their kids (that is we) to talk to them (which I feel we forget to do, since our life had become so demanding and busy), to spend some time with them. However we should not be busy when it comes to our parents. They don’t want us to spend every evening with them. What they expect is an occasional talk with them, may be getting out that old album (when you were a kid) and recalling those beautiful moments in life, may be going for a small trip with whole family.

Just imagine how important it is for us to raise our own kids. We give them the highest priority in our life. We want all the best things to happen to our kids. Now imagine when your kids grow up and start their own life, and suppose they are not able to spend time with you (now they have their own life), how will you feel? This might be the same feeling your parents are feeling now…

So the point is – never take your parents for granted. They need you the most, specially now when they have become old. They don’t need any fancy items, what they need is just simple love from their kids…

Generally we realize importance of something when we lose it. Make sure this doesn’t happen in case of your parents


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