Stop Rushing Through Life

First thing that we all must understand is that there is no reason why we should rush through our life.

Just to have an idea, think about how you spent your day today?. Starts with waking up and rushing through shower, breakfast (if possible exercise – which is good actually),getting the kids ready, then driving to office, checking emails, having meetings, doing actual work, driving back home, watching TV, having dinner and then sleep.

Now your day may not be exactly like this, but it should be somewhat inline with this.

Normally we are going (or i will call it “rushing”) through these days and then suddenly we realize that many years have already passed. We think that not long ago I was in school, and now I am having family with kids and making sure that I work hard to provide my family with all the luxuries that I can give them.

Have you ever (and i mean “ever”) thought that you are just moving very fast through your life?. Did you ever took time to relax a bit and analyse how your life has been? If the answer is “No.” (which i think must be in most of the cases), then I sincerely advise you to do so.

You don’t have to do something big. What you need to do is take some time for yourself. Sit quietly somewhere (in a park, in office, or even in your bed room) with no interactions with anyone and no distractions like music/cell phones/TV etc. And just think about your life in that moment.

1. How has my life been through all these years?

2. Am I satisfied with my overall achievements in life? (Family,Financial,Spiritual)

3. Do I spend enough time with my family? (spouse,kids,parents)

4. Am I missing on any passion that I had earlier? (playing football, reading books)

5. Am I in contact with important people/friends in my life?

6. Am I clear on what are my goals in life?

The above is just a sample list that came to my mind right now. But believe me asking yourself these types of questions and sincerely answering them will give you enough (clear) picture of your life. And once the picture is clear, you may decide to take steps in that direction.

However we don’t take any steps, since we are so tightly bound to the wheel of life that we hardly take time to think about such things.

Do it once, and you will understand what I am saying.

Till next time, Good Luck & God Bless you All.


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