A learning from a sad incident

On last saturday I got a call from my mama that his friend expired due to an heart attack. I was shocked by the news. I had known this guy for a long time now.He was around 47 yrs old. He was one of those “always energetic” guy, who always kept smiling and creating a positive energy wherever he went. He had no habits likes smoking/drinking.In fact he was very particular about his health and fitness.  He was a very cool person, with tensions neither in career nor in office life…and still…he was called back by God to his kingdom.

He was not under any treatment (nor was he having diabetes, BP etc.). There is no way to know now whether he faced any signs of pain prior to the attack. Did he ignored it as just a pain? Does nature gives us any signs of such things coming? Many questions are unanswered.

However what this sad incident has taught me is that no matter how fit you are, no matter if you don’t have any diseases like BP,etc..,no matter if your lifestyle is normal or not. What matters is “do you have a clear idea about your body?” and when I mean body, I don’t mean the externals. I am talking about the internals!. I think the best way is to undergo medical checkups after a particular period (may be once in a year). It is (from my view) the best way to know the “Status” of your body.

At least a “Checkup” will tell you the facts about yourself, which if detected early can be cured too.

My friends, many of us are from IT field, and we know that we do face deadline pressures, long hours hectic schedules etc..But please don’t neglect this one thing.

I know you are wise enough to understand that we should exercise regularly, have a healthy diet etc….BUT I AM NOT TELLING YOU THESE THINGS.

What I am trying to tell you is that please always have regular medical checkups! A timely medical checkup could end up saving your life.

May the soul of that guy rest in peace!


3 thoughts on “A learning from a sad incident

  1. As you said about the Medical checkup is perfectly TRUE.

    My View’s
    I would like to add in this about our fault towards how we think. When some think happened we think/discuss a lots but after some days we use to forget all and once again doing the same think what we use to do earlier.

    We daily think about our Job / Finance / Family issues and comfort and many more but we do not daily think for our health.

    What I will do from now, in a day at least I will think (Analyze) about my health for 5-10 min.

    • Saket,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts
      Agree to what you said, we only get serious when such things happen and after some days, we are back to square one.
      So lets plan that we can think about our health regularly and make sure we take care of our body.

  2. Yes Amit
    This is true, as my sister-in-law suddently come to know about her both kidney failue. We were totaly shocked about this incident. Even though after transplant she is not well now.. I think after 30 we should go for at least yearly check-up. N should exercise regulary As HELATH IS WEALTH

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