Snapdeal is “Scrapdeal”

I am writing a post after almost one year, and guess what prompted me to do so? An frustrating experience with site.

I wanted to gift my friend a book from Jeffrey Archer named “Sons Of Fortune”. So I went online to order it. I compared the prices between Flipkart (my trusted site) and Snapdeal. The book was costing me Rs. 365 on Flipkart and Rs. 280 on Snapdeal. I thought I can save some money as anyway both sites will deliver me a new book (and so I went for Snapdeal). Boy!! I was wrong…The book which was supposed to be delivered on 8th came to me on 14th. And here starts the real story. The book no way looks like a “new” book. Its just a crap.

They say picture is worth 1000 words. So I am saving my energy on typing those 1000 words and allowing you to have a look at it.

I tried to call their customer support on 92126 92126. Its say you have dialed a wrong number.

So bottom line is for me it was not “Snapdeal”, It turned out to be a “SCRAPDEAL”

The book

The front page

A random page with lots of dirt


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