Message from “The Dolphin – Story of a dreamer.

Follow your dreams. Listen to your heart. Whatever others might tell you , never forget that you only live once and that your dreams, big or small, are the greatest treasures that will guide your life to a unique and wonderful destiny. Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams”

This excerpt is from a amazing and motivational book named “The Dolphin-Story of a dreamer” by Sergio Bambaren.

A short story of a dolphin who sets on the journey to pursue his dreams…


Mind Map – A Useful Tool

Mind Map is a tool that helps us to write (or rather draw) things in the way we “Think” about them.

Mind Map is a diagram that we draw on a piece of paper with some colorful pencils (to make it attractive, since colors create more effect on brain)

The key part here to understand is that our mind thinks in a “radiant “way. And it becomes difficult for us to remember things in this way. Mind map comes to the rescue here.

Mind map is drawn starting with a central image (the core) and then it evolves around this central image.

There are many sites/books where you can start learning how to go about these mind maps. I read “The Mind Map Book” by inventor of modern mind mapping (Tony Buzan). After reading and understanding the Mind Maps try to use it for your daily activities.

It’s fun at first and then slowly you will start realizing the benefits of this wonderful tool.

Mind Mapping can be used for

1)      Brain-Storming sessions

2)      Notes Taking

3)      Problem Solving

4)      Decision Making

5)      Study

6)      Planning

I am using “Xmind” which is a free software that allows to create mind maps.

Here is an example from my friend Somesh, who seems to have made it as an integral part of his daily thinking.

one night @ Call Center

Another one from Chetan Bhagat ! 🙂

This guy has a amazing way of writing …You can imagine things happening in front of you OR as if a movie is running….Keep it going man !!
one night @ call center is a story of 6 friends working in a call centre and it is about one night, when things are really messed up with everyone of them. Some one has a breakup, someone has family problems…etc…It is then, they get a call from GOD…and then GOD guides them thru their difficulties.

A very nice story….The emotions in this story feel very true….I remembered my days when i was just entering the professional life….lot of insecurities :)…but ultimately GOD is there to help you out…So what happens in this book….

I will recommend you all to read this one…if you want you can take it from me too… :):)….

Papillon – Impossible Is Nothing !


I read the Marathi version of “Papillon” last month. A Small review on this amazing true story!


Henry Sharrière, a thief, was convicted of the murder of a pimp although there was no direct evidence against him other than the doubtful  testimony of a prosecution ‘witness’. He was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in French Guyana in November 1933 but escaped in September 1934 and made his way to Colombia. Re-arrested, he was returned to Cayenne in 1935, but made a final escape in 1944 and became a Venezuelan citizen. After building up his fortune, only to have it ruined by an earthquake, he wrote a book about his life and adventures. This was made into the movie Papillon, starring Steve McQueen, in 1973, but during the making of the film Charrière discovered he was suffering from throat cancer. He died on July 29 1973 and is buried in Lanas (France), alongside the grave of his prison friend Louise.


Its a chilling yet inspiring true story of Henry Charriere’s years in French Guiana during 1930’s and his 9 escape attempts, wherein he finally succeeds!
This book is one of best sellers of its time.. And I bet you will agree with this if you read this book.


During his attempt to escape, He encountered with the Red-Indians opened a new world to him, which though backward, was full of love and humanity. There he got Love from two women who were sisters. Though  this attempt led to re-arrest, thus bringing him back to Guiana, even confinement into dark cell jail for 2 long years! In these 2 years he speaks only 3 sentences with the warden. He also gets helped by his friends in the jail, who help him survive the brutality by slipping in coconuts to him.

His final attempt using a bag of coconuts and help from the waves and along with a friend, who unfortunately dies in the swamp, at this point Henry can do little but to watch him vanish in the swamps! His encounter with an escaped Chinese and his little pig is like shot in the arm!

Finally, at Venezuela serving some time in prison….he gets his deserved Freedom! All the 14 years of his life just wasted away. At time in the book, Henry ponders on what keeps him moving…but he in one tough soul.

This book strengthen my belief that ’’Impossible is nothing’’ . I hope you enjoy it too!

Five point someone

"Five point someone" is a amazing book by Chetan Baghat, which hangs around a group of three people – Hari, Alok and Ryan. Its all about the mess these guys create throughout their college yrs.(they are IITians).The bunking of lectures, stealing papers, love affair of Hari etc…They finally pass out with a GPA of 5.X …so the name five point someone…..It was fun to read this book.

 I recalled my college days and all the type of “kide” we guys use to do….in school and junior college(with deepya/ravya/abhya/preetya/bams(yogya)/khangya/nagya ) and then in BCS (with yogzi/harshad/mothi Swati/sheetal/choti Swati/mrun/indi), in SEED (with tush/upya/venkat/swati/yuvati/shilpeee/shailesh sir) and these days with all these people along with Pashya darling 😉 and Devil (oh devil…so sorry to miss u out )

This truly is a book version of DCH…..Kabhi na beetein…chamkile din…

Many Lives, Many Masters

Just had the chance to read the book “Many Lives, Many Masters”. a Story of a psychiatrist(Dr. Brian Weiss) and his young paitent. Its all about the Past-Life Therapy.

Thought i personally do not use to believe in all these things, still this book have changed the way i use to think. Specially knowing that it is by an prominent psychiatrist.It was an amazing experience. I have decided to read more on this topic as it is really interesting.I want to know what life is all about.Dreams are the only thing that make me believe that there must be some unknown powers, which are beyond the understanding of a common human being……My jounery towards these things has just began…… 🙂