Completed Part time MBA (MMS-Finance)

My, Part-time MBA i.e MMS(Master Of Management Science) result is out 🙂 and it feels good to have secured a first class in the course(64%). So now i have a 2nd Masters degree to my list. When i told this to my friends, their immediate question was “Whats next?”…..

Well, at the start of the year i had many resolutions(reading books,treks,MMS and marriage)…of which i have completed MMS, i will get married soon and i do read books as planned…only thing missing is treks….:).

The credit of me completing MMS goes to various people: Firstly Sachin, who was ready to accompany me in this couse, then Sunil Sir(from QVIT) who supported me and sachin,next my teacher Miss Devil…oops…Miss Swapna:)), and lastly all my dear friends…who always encourged me….

So whats next? is a question to me too….who knows…probably a PhD. 🙂


happy friendship’s day – sheetal, swati, yogesh & harshad

Dear Sheetal ,Swati, Harshad & Yogesh :

This 1st may, we completed 9 years of our friendship (1st May 1997 was the day we all met in the vacation batch).

9 years…..its definitely a long era…..and i really feel good that our friendship has grown and matured thru’ all these years.

Most importantly we are together thru all the life’s ups and downs.

This day is really a special one.

So wishing you a very happy friendship’s day…

Sheetal, we went to mulshi dam we celebrated our frns day :))

Luv u all

– Amit


9 Years! Its really a long period.

But with the group, it passed like few years.

We should thank Sunil sir, because of whom our paths crossed. Its a nice feeling when you look back n think of past, You recall all those sweet memories. In present, when you look aside, you still find these friends with you.  We are so tightly bound. It gives a very strong and positive feeling.

Sheetal, we really miss you. This time, come for a long time and stay with us.

Everyone, Have a GREAT Day!

Best Regards,



9 Yrs….yes its indeed a long time…we have seen a lot during this period….some good things some bad things…all for good…i still remember Sunil sir’s classes (appla wada)…Vivekanand academy…LAB and the new building near poona hospital…and not to forget MDs classes..

You people helped me a lot on the were always there to help me when i needed it the most….you, your company, your support means a lot to me….i thank god for blessing me with such a friends…

We went to many places in last 9 yrs…but I really enjoyed our trips to Khadakwasala and Singhgard…there are so many things to say, the list is endless…but one really really special place Garden Court. Do you people still remember Sangita’s B’Day, Bhaiya and (Radanari)Swati 🙂 ?




9 years is indeed a very long time. And every thing
during the last 9 years has flashed in front of my
eyes today morning when i got amit’s mail. indeed its
an great day for all of us & i am sure that many years
ahead our friendship will be more stronger and more

This affection will continue growing further in the
years to come. I really thank god to have friends like
u all who stand always by me. how care for me and who
are truely mine. This is a very special day for us. We
all miss you here sheetal!

Have a great and fantastic day!
Guys lets try to meet up today evening.

Best Regards


Hi Everybody,

Happy Friendship day to all……yeah we completed 9 years….its a long period and i still remember 1st day…1st May..:) wada,Sunil sir, CG,Lab, Amit cha horn..:) swati chi gadi ani ticha bhaiya. dar veles mi ani swati ‘if u dare u win’ asa mhanat signal break karayacho…aaj sudha kuthali goshta karyachi asel tar me hech mhanat karte…sagla athavat ahe…Garware cha project….C and Pascal programs, khadakwasla…sunset, University…coffee….paus….Amit cha Jacket…. Harshad che udyog…

everything is still in my mem….ani mi ekde he sagala miss karte..always….

Amit,  do send me phtos of the trip…

Swati, we will def meet and njoy when i’ll come to India. i want to see u r flat also..

Sahil n Sara r good…..

rest all is fine


 – Sheetal

Mrun – As you leave…

As you leave…we all are going to miss a sweet friend of ours.
As you leave…who will be there to support swati all the time ?  :-)….
As you leave…who will be there to debate with ravs on technical issues ?
As you leave…we will be missing your support in all the situations.
As you leave…u are creating a empty space in the group that can not be filled.
As you leave…u are leaving behind the sweet memories of all the beautiful and amazing moments we all shared with you.
Hey Mrun,
We wish that all your dreams come true.May your life be as beautiful as you are 🙂
With Luv
Enthus (To The Top!)

Happy Women’s Day !

She is intelligent
She is powerful.
She is smart.
She means care.
She means love.
She is “U”.
Wishing you a very happy women’s day !!

                                                 – Amit(8th Mar’ 06)

This if for the most amazing creation of God !


Last day at QVIT

It was 17th Feb 2006, my last working day at QVIT.It is always sad to leave a Organisation where you have worked for almost 4 yrs. and if that Organisation is QVIT, then there is certainly something to be missed :-(…

Was really feeling sad since morning. Cos there were many things i was going to do for the last time in QVIT.
But then life moves on…and so i had to…:-)…

I will be missing
Sachin’s Marathi comments,
Prashant’s Expert comment on almost everything,
Somesh’s knowledge base,
Manish’s “aye shaane”,
Sujata madam’s “haamhi” (only QVITians will understand the word),
Benu’s “Ballya zhala”,
Ayub sir’s “Aye boat(finger)),
Jayandra’s Champi,
Abhi’s Laugh…….
and last but definitely not the least Prasad’s – “Chaalal Chaalal” :-)….

But though i am leaving…the bond will always be there…A bond which is for lifetime…

All the best to QVIT and all my colleauges !!

– Amit

Bday Bash !

It all started from 19th Nite….as usual got calls at 12.00 from Harshad, Swati,Swapna …and was surprised to see a msg from tushar. Cos he generally calls me….also i was wondering where Prashant was, cos no wishes from his side too……and then came the missed call on my landline…..i picked up…but no response. And then all of sudden, the knocking on door started…and thus the 3 of the most Eligible Bachelor’s where there to wish me Ravs,Tush and Prashant…. :-)…

Thanks Guys!…it was a nice surprise.

Then in morning got calls from almost everyone.Then swati met me in the morning and gave my gift.(thanks swati).

Then i went to office. B4 i reached office the Bouquet from Enthus had already reached :-)…It was a beautiful one…

Then had some gr8 time reading mails…and wishes….then we all at QVIT went to lunch in at Blue-Nile….masta tandoori khalli :-).

Left at 5.30 from office and came home…My grandma,mama,mami and my cousin sisters had come to wish me…

After that i left to meet the enthus by 8.15pm. We all went to Oasis which is on NDA road.Had a fun time there…..

While doing tp we didn’t realise that the gals will get late as still the main course was to be ordered.So all the girls left early(actually it was too late:-)) ….Sorry gals. I apologise for the same…will give you a treat soon…:-)…

Then we guys had our dinner….came to tushar’s place at 11.45. Then yogesh K. was waiting for me at deccan. I met him and then we both went to my home….Jara gappa marlya ani zholpo….

Overall a fantastic day! :-)…I just hope that i would be celebrating my next bday with my wife……

– Amit

New Year

The new year has started. Its time to make some resolutions ;-)…some of these i already follow, but still will like to enchance them…..

Trekking and Reading are some of my hobbies which i want to continue in full swing this year….Last year couln’t get much time for treks….The treks of 2005 included.

1. Rajgad – Torna – 25th , 26th , & 27th of March.

2. Lohagad – July.

3. Torna – Raigad – 9th, 10th & 11th of December.

Books read in 2005.

1. “Shreemaan Yogi”

2. “Da Vinci Code”

3. “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

Not a big list actually…..but i am planning to read at least one book a month this year….and 1 trek in 3 months….so total – 12 books minimum and 4 treks minimum.

Apart from this will like to get married this year ;-)……so the search for my soul-mate is on…….Letz c what 2006 has in-stored for me…..HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!