Visapur Trek – 22nd July 2007

As decided we all met 7.30 at Pune Station, and prashant showed some good skills for getting the tickets in time, inspite of the long long queue :)) thanks prashant.
The local moved at 8.00am sharp as we all got into the same boggie…gals got the chance to sit…but we preferred to sit in the doors hanging our legs outside :)) he he…now that is fun…


Reached Malavali at 9.15, and immed rushed to have some snacks…as everyone was too hungry and after a round of 2 wada pavs + tea…felt a bit better:).. Meanwhile myself and prashant saw a express coming and thought of putting a coin on the track, but to our bad luck , the coin flew somewhere the moment the express landed on it….we were searching for the coin….but couldnt find it. :(( and then came a person from the railway authority and explained us the funda of why not to such things…but we ignored him and then we all moved towards the Bhaja village

As always had some snaps session on the bridge over express way. and then went to the bhaja village. After crossing the village we stopped at the first waterfall, but had not chance there…then went to the second waterfall and there prashant took the initiative to go up the waterfall and then slowly all the rockers joined him and in no time we conquered the waterfall πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)….


After enjoying the waterfall, we started towards the fort..
We reached the place from where we can either to move to Lohagad towards right or to Visapur towards left. We had a halt at that point
Had some “garam garam pohe” :)) and “limbu sarbat”…and then moved towards Visapur.

Visapur is a kind of haunted place…specially if you have fog on the
fort..this time it was not :)….We started climbing up the fort. It was a
rocky way uphill..but we really enjoyed the climbing…Bhavana specially we very fast and in no time she was moving at the top…while as Maky was left behind :))…


Mak and Yogya (the Birthday boy ) had a round of “natural” photos… :))) and finally we all climbed up the fort….

Then we wandered on the fort. It was a great site…We could see the
Lohagad fort in front….then the Tikona fort on other side…and of
course the long express way…making way thru all the mountains….


We really didn’t had anything with us for lunch apart from some boiled eggs…so we shared those amongst us and that was our lunch for the day :))). Had some great foto session again….and then decided to move down…

Now here was the most thrilling part of the trek. We decided to come down from the other route (not from the one we came up)…it was really a exciting path…no real foot – path, so we decided to come along the water way….thru the rocks….

After few minutes of climbing down, myself saw a prominent path to the right side…as we were at the last, myself,priya,vinay and priti went that way….but found that it was taking us the a wrong direction…so we explored some other paths in that 15-20 mins…but hard luck…so came back to the same place where we left the others and again started thru the water way rocks…then tried to call these guys by shouting as loud as we could..finally managed to see prashant,manju,ranjit and yogya….
so a sigh of relief :)))

While moving yogya’s right foot got stuck in between two rocks and he had a hard time to make it free….not more than 5 mins had passed, at the same spot priti stuck up her right foot and started shouting :)…that was a “kodak” moment really…i helped her to remove her foot from the rocks…and then again started moving ahead.

Again we all moved together..and after some time decided to move towards a path that was going towards left side….on that way we met a person(farmer) who helped us the get on the correct path towards the bhaja village..

On the way, we got a chance to get some really nice natural water for drinking…i bet that was as clean as a bisleri…and was natural too with all the minerals :)))
Then at around 7.00 we were near the bhaja village…and moved towards the rail station very fast as we had to catch the 7.40 local…we didnt even get the chance to have a cup of tea…the local was more imp…. gals got into the ladies section (and again to their naseeb…got place to sit) while as we guys had to stand. but it was fun…

We reached pune station at around 9.10, then went for dinner near a
restaurant at pune station.

Finally reached home at around 10.30.
It was a memorable trek !!

Members :

Girls: Priti, Manjusha, Bhavana and Priya

Boys: Prashant, Vinay, Makarand, Ranjit,Amit,Yogesh, Sandeep, Sam, Dheeraj & Dharyasheelv3


Nagaon Trip Jan 2006

The season started with a visit to my favourite place…the Nagaon Beach πŸ™‚ !… Now this is the 5th time that i have visited this beach…Its simply beautiful !..

13th Jan – Friday.

Left pune at around 7.30. We had two Santros. (Jay’s and Anil Sir’s).Reached Nagaon at around 12.00.we had done the booking at Shubham Cottage(Mr. Gurav). I was feeling very drowsy ;-)…so decided to sleep.These guys went to beach and had a nice time under the Moon-Light.

14th Jan – Saturday.

Had a nice breakfast (Kanda Pohe) and then went to the beach. Played a lot of cricket. Though lost 3 out of 4 matches :-(….The teams were :

Team 1:

Amit, Jay, Somesh & Prasad.

Team 2:

Sandesh, Manish, Prashant & Anil Sir.

After that at around 11.30 went in the sea….Sandesh taught us how to float. Myself, Prashant and Prasad cud do it in no time..Thanks Sandy !!…Then saw some beautiful girls on the beach…Unfortunately with their hubbies :-(….ha ha….neways…“ mana abhi hai khali haath…na honge sada yahi din raat…kabhi to banegi apni baat…are yaroon” πŸ™‚
Then came back to cottage and had some Amazing Lunch. Two types of fish(Bangda & Surmai), Prawns curry and “solkadi”. bbuuurrpppp……wow….

Then took some rest and went to the beach in evening…Did some splendid photography.

After that we decided to visit the “Birla-Mandir” which was located at around 12Kms from Nagaon.Then came back in night at around 9.00 and again had some gr8 food in dinner….

Its Good Nite Time :-)..
15th Jan – Sunday.

Had breakfast and moved to the beach. We were in no mood to play cricket but one group from mumbai was eager to play…and so we decided to have a match. In their alloted 6 overs, the scored 31 runs. Then Jay and Sandesh opened the innings and we reached the target in the 5th Over without losing any wicket :-). So it was a comfortable victory for us.

Then we came back to cottage at 11.30 .Packed our bags as it was time to move.Had Lunch at Aligbag (Patang Restaurant). and left from Alibag towards pune at 1.30. Reached pune at 4.45.

Another Nice Chill-Out time…

Members of the trip:

Prashant, Jayandra, Somesh, Sandesh, Anil Sir,Manish, Prasad & Amit:-)….

Visit to INS-VIRAAT.


The Indian Navy celebrates the Navy day on 4th Dec every year owing to the success of its attack on karachi harbour in 1971 war.

We(Ravi,Tushar,Prashant and myself) got to visit the navy harbour in mumbai on 8th Jan 2005(Sunday). It was a event for the friends and families of the officers and sailors.One of Prashant’s friend(Amit) is in Navy.He is a lieutenant. So, we got the invitation thru’ him.What more one can ask for….we got the chance to get on India Navy’s Aircraft carrier, the INS-VIRAAT. As the name itself suggets….its really a Viraat ship :-)…..

We entered the harbour at aroung 6.30am. Then thru’ a small ship, we went to the Viraat. As i climbed the steps of the ladder i was really excited…as i was entering the best ship of my Navy. Then there the officials welcomed us. We also met Lieutenant Amit there.
He took us to the main hall where the Breakfast was arranged. It was a huge hall. In the way towards the hall ,i could see many doors leading to diff areas of the ship, ladders for going to the down floor of the ship, pipes, wiring etc…..(I recalled the movie titanic πŸ™‚ )…

Then after having the breakfast we were taken to the Deck of the ship thru a Lift…It was a very bigsize lift…since it is used to carry the aircratfs and other helicopters. It was a amazing feeling as we moved on to the deck….There we could see the run-way of the planes and also 4 planes a 4 helicopters. Then we sat on chairs which were arranged for the next programme…..Then at around 9, we got the demo of the Helicopter…I had to keep hands on my ears as there was tremendous sound as it started.Then after that we went to the other side of the ship where we got the demo of Sub-marine…It was a thrilling event to watch. Then again back to the deck. and then came the most awaited event of the programme, the Air-Craft launch……I really can’t express in words the feeling of that moment….It was just Amazzzzzzzzzzing…..There was a huge sound as the planes started and then as we watch them closely…..vvvrrrrrooooooommmmmm………they took off in a flash….Wow…..certainly thrilling….

Then after that we could see the other ships that were present there(10 ships in total, 5 in each row…)…This time the planes were given a target by the helicopter throwing some marking in the sea…and then the planes shot missiles….wow….i had just watched in on Tv…but to see the live demo was something fantastic….Then demo of vertical landing of the planes was given… was mind-blowing…..

and now it was lunch time…had some great food on the ship…..and now it was time to come back…we waited for the launch…and as we moved in the launch towards the harbour, i watched the ship…she was standing in style…as if telling me that dont worry son…i am there to protect our land……Unknowingly i did a salute to it…..

The most pathetic scence of the day was on the deck…As the planes / helicopters start..there is a big amount of suction …the officials repeatedly told the people on deck to remove there caps and loose items like that ..still people were not in mood of listening to them…..also as they said to switch off the mobiles…still many were not interested in that and were eager to take the photos…..and at the time prashant just said to me – “THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WE CIVILIANS, AND THE FORCES”…such a lack of discipline…

Newaz, this was an experience to cherish of a life time…because not many get a chance to get onto the ship and watch the performance of the Navy….

Salute to my Navy and all the Officers !

Jai Hind.

Torna(Base)-Raigad Trek.

” A Truely memorable and Thrilling trek of my life. It surely takes some guts to do this trek and it was a perfect way to end the season.

Three cheers for the team… ”

Trek Done by: Ravi,Tushar,Prashant and Amit…

Friday 9th December 2005:

5:45 AM Left for Swargate

6:30 AM Embarked the bus going to Ghisar from Swargate

9:15 AM Reached Kodapur and started trek toward destination. Torna was seen on our right side.

6:30 PM After walking for almost 9 hrs and loosing the way a couple of times we reached a village called β€œMohriβ€? which is at the border of Deccan Plateau and Konkan. On the way we came across villages like Padik Gay Vada, Ghevendi, Harpud and finally Mohri.

8:00 PM After settling down at one of the villagers place it was time for dinner and the menu was awesome:

1. Chapati (courtesy Ravi)

2. Alu Mutter (courtesy Tushar/ Amit)

3. Shepu chi Bhaaji (courtesy Ravi)

4. Rice (courtesy Tushar/ Amit)

5. Dal Dry (courtesy Tushar/ Amit)

9:30 PM Sleeping time, take some rest for the long day ahead.

Saturday 10th December 2005:

6:15 AM Time to wake up and get ready for the day. Tea was served by Tushar/Prashant with some amazing Sweet Buns and biscuits.

8:00 AM Alongwith one of the villagers to guide us through the treacherous and difficult paths we left for Raigad, our final destination. The guy who was leading us told us that we, THE ENTHUS, were the first people this year to do the Torna-Raigad trek.

1:45 PM We reached a village called Lingana Machi Vadi. This is a village about 1/2 down the Lingana Mountain. On our way to this village we faced lot of difficulties and some really dangerous roads. The path was Mohri – Bortyachi Naal – Patti – Lingana Mountain – Lingana Machi vadi.

2:30 PM Departure from Lingana vadi towards Raigad, after an awesome lunch of Maggi, courtesy Tushar/ Prashant.

7:00 PM We reached a village called Dhangar vadi which is 1/3rd of the way towards Raigad. We had to walk a lot of flat land in te process and the last 1 and Β½ hour of the journey was full of excitement, because the road was new for us and we were not sure were we are heading. But as it is said β€œLuck favours the braveβ€? we managed to reach dhangar vadi. Now it was time to take the night halt. We took rest at one of the villagers house. On the way to this village we came across villages like Pane Vadi – Vagheri Gaon – Dhangar Vadi.

9:00 PM It was time for dinnr and again this time it was Maggi for Dinner. An awesome Limbu Sarbat was prepared by Ravi and Amit which really gave us a lot of energy to go ahead. After dinner it was sleeping time.

Sunday 11th December 2005

7:45 AM time to pack up and move toward Raigad. The Enthus reached the base of Raigad at Raigad Vadi and then climbed to the top of Raigad and about 11:30 AM

12:30 PM After the amazing journey and some light snacks at MTDC we started on our journey to explore the Raigad fort, Shiv Samadhi, Bazaar Peth, Shivaji Maharaj Statue and some other places.

2:30 PM After finishing the explorating we descended Raigad by the Ropeway and caught the bus back to pune. We reached pune at 9:30 PM. And the amazing journey was over.